This is only the beginning……


My journey has been a colorful one. I am manic, creative, intelligent and a bit of a workaholic. I decided to start this blog while in the middle of a start up adventure . While I am headed towards goals that I want to achieve I have faced some serious road blocks and need an outlet for my busy brain. Stress is unproductive. I have learned from years of coping and practice that I do best when I have a voice and a platform from which to speak my mind. I have a day job as a hairstylist and usually use my clients as my outlet both to share my stories and to hear theirs. I recently relocated cities and am working on building clientele and simultaneously working on a start up company.  With these factors hard at work, I have very little human interaction compared to what I was used to having. I have an unfinished book that I started years ago and do not have the amount of time that it requires to complete, so what better platform than a blog?

So here I am, about to begin this journey, hoping to have some forward movement and utilize my stress in a healthy and productive way. I want to use this blog as a place to share my personal story in a way that I fear no boundary. A place to be as open as I possibly can, and not for one instance worry who in my personal circle will be offended or worried about what others will think, away from social media and the facade which that platform can create. Welcome and thank you.


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